Assessing land degradation using trend of MODIS NDVI time series and human influence

Abstract: In the assessment of desertification and land degradation, the use of remote sensing is referred as an analysis of complex processes mainly based on vegetation density, and the most suitable index is NDVI. A continuously decreasing vegetation index along the year is a sign of degradation (Lantieri, 2003). Therefore, Sukhbaatar province was selected in our research, and the statistical analysis was made using the MODIS NDVI data of June, July and August of 2000-2014 time period determining the trend. Also, specific areas were selected and spatial analysis was conducted in each selected areas in order to assess human influence. The research result shows that 23.4% of the study area is degraded. With regard to the spatial zoning of human influence, areas surrounding 4 season camps of herders are degraded more than the settlement. Also, compared with state roads, local road areas are highly degraded.

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Last Updated September 21, 2018, 05:12 (UTC)
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