As of 2013, 93.6% of the total population of Orkhon province’s live in the Erdenet city. Daily water consumption of the population increased by 58.4% compared to 2002, thus “Erdenet” factory water consumption has decreased by 57.8%. This is because industry technology is recycling back water from Waste water treatment plant for reuse. Since 2015, going to build 3 new micro-districts for this reason approximately 1300 cubic meter per day necessity has added to provide clean water and around 780 cubic meter waste water treatment is necessary. Therefore food, leather processing, mining, electric power stations, industry development, and the central industrial park to be built in regions are under the legal framework in province. “Erdenet” factory constantly releasing waste water and waste water treatment’s polluted water in the Khangal River. Thus this influencing water quality and water flow. For example, 8467.2 cubic meter waste water was released into The Khangal River from the wastewater treatment plant in August 2014. And affected negatively to the water quality and ability of self-purification.

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