In recent years, the natural overall prospect and component elements have been greatly changed due to the climate warming and other factors. The attitude has been observed that some areas and rivers are drained whereas the amount of water areas in some water areas is being raised. This study aimed to determine the water areas changes of river-basin in the Arctic Ocean which is one of the river-basins in Mongolia through using Terra-Modis satellite which has the 8-days frequent and the resolution of 250m and 500m, as well as study how the climate factors such as temperature and precipitation would affect to the areas changes. By observing Mongolian Arctic ocean basin, NDWI’s area and time change of water area in 2005-2014, there is a tendency of water area is increasing generally. Maximum water area of NDWI is in 2010, 2011 and 2013 when minimum of water area is in 2009, 2012, and 2007. There is a study that dry and less precipitation years happened in 2005-2009 by affect of climate change and precipitation is increased from 2010 and drought became less. NDWI area size during 2005-2009 is less than NDWI area size during 2010-2014. Research shows that annual NDWI water spread change is uneven depending on the precipitation and air temperature, when major rivers basins NDWI water area spread is dramatically changed. ,

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